ToiSwan White

ToiSwan White
Well that's how someone put it, said that was the only way he could remember my name. I think his name was Mr. Buddlebe or Honeymelon, or something like that and he was a character. I'd
met him over the phone, and he would get me in trouble with my supervisor over my handle
time, but I didn't care. I loved talking to him, it was like chatting it up with my late grandfather.

Welcome to the ToiSwan White show! (can you hear the theme music?) Click here for the
backstory of my name. Just kidding...this is my author website where I am able to highlight
some of the finer things about a few of my main characters. As I'm working on book two; I find
myself falling in love with these characters more and more; especially as they find themselves.
And like real people I believe their story should be told by them. Now we have a virtual home!

Here we will discuss all things ToiSwan, all things Chaos and Consequences, and every thing
I can think of about my life as a writer. The lonely, sad and pathetic existence of being a 
writer. Well lets say my new life. I declare, I'm doing things different these days!

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